Soulfire Woman Coaching™

Connecting You to the Wisest, most Loving part of Yourself
with Powerful, Lasting Results

In one-on-one video conferencing, telephone or in person sessions, Dyanne will facilitate your journey to the heart of yourself through Soulfire Woman Coaching. There are many paths leading you home to Wisdom, Power and Freedom. Collaboratively with Dyanne using her knowledge and experience as an emotional and physical healer, mind/body coach and her therapeutic and intuitive skills, you embark on a healing path and plan individualized and designed especially for you.  You can start on any of the paths and will sometimes move back and forth between them. They all lead to the center of you where you will find your true self and authentic wisdom. You will move intuitively through the paths and onto the next as you are ready. Here’s an idea of what your Soulfire journey might look like:

Transform Your Story
Heal Emotionally with your own Intuitive Wisdom
Forgive and Fall Deeply in Love with Yourself
Live in the Beauty of Your Own True Nature
Speak Your Truth
Feel the Freedom of Clarity, Truth and Authenticity
Step Into your Truest, Most Powerful Self.

Some steps may take longer than others; you move at your own pace. You will also have access to all available podcasts assisting you in your journey. There are many ways and paths to get where you need to go. These transformational techniques access your inner healer and connect you to the deepest, wisest and most loving part of yourself. Results that will open your emotional and energy pathways to lasting change and reignite the Soulfire Woman within. All individual sessions include limited email correspondence between sessions as needed.  You are held and guided every step of the way to a more Content, Peaceful, Passionate, Powerful You!

 Create Meaningful Change and Unlimited Soul Potential!

Be the Woman You Were Meant to Be!

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Monthly Coaching packages include:

Two one-hour online personal sessions

Two 30-minute online progress sessions

Weekly video guidance and audio guided imagery delivered right to your email box.  

Plus email support!



Your Personal Investments:



One- Month Package $222

Two Month Package $399

Three-Month Package - $599

$111 Individual Sessions


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