Intro to Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) is the conscious and systematic relaxation of your muscles. When you are stressed, your body moves into fight, flight or freeze mode. Your muscles contract causing tension. When stress becomes chronic, your muscles stay in contraction. PMR teaches the muscles to relax, quiets the nervous system and turns off the stress response. The more you practice PMR the more relief you will feel from anxiety and panic. The body in relaxation is its natural state. You are returning to equilibrium and wholeness. This is a first step in learning how to tune into the body’s intuitive wisdom. Tuning into where the body is tight and constricted symbolically brings you information. As the tension leaves the body, you are no longer using your valuable resources for stress. You are beginning your natural healing process, and freeing your intuition to bring you wisdom beyond physical and emotional dimensions into higher consciousness knowing.

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