Becoming a Soulfire Woman

I woke up one day at midlife, literally and figuratively, and realized just how unhappy I had become. Like many of you I am sure, I found myself not any where near living the life I had intended. I was sick. I was tired. Who I was and who I thought I wanted to be did not exist in the same room together. I knew I had to do something, yet I still had to be forced by my circumstances, I call this being hit over the head by a spiritual 2x4, to begin the work of healing, of reclaiming myself.

I asked myself, “Who Am I Really?”

I did not want to be a victim of lousy circumstances. I first told my story truthfully to myself for the very first time, ever. It may sound simple. It wasn’t. I had denied and minimized the truth of my present. My marriage was failing; I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid, and I was so unhappy in my job. And the truth of my past, so many, many secrets hidden in plain site from myself and everyone around me. Hidden and denied for so long I actually believed life was going along perfectly until it became so clear you could see it with sunglasses on. The painful work of telling myself the truth, being brave enough to open old wounds, and heal myself began in earnest. I started to lift myself out of my story trying to rescue all of the separated, split-off parts of myself. I wanted to be whole again. I was fighting for a real chance at a meaningful, purposeful, life and needed to collect all of me to survive and thrive. A burning desire to find my true self again took over my entire body like a flame igniting. It was my Soulfire burning, my eternal light within. I sought out anything that would ground and center me, give me insights and awareness, make me stronger — journal writing, yoga, guided meditation, prayer, church, energy healing, bodywork, good nutrition, exercise, psychotherapy, friends, wine and chocolate, in no particular order and sometimes all at once. I realized thinking didn’t heal me. I had to feel to heal. I realized the answers came from within and in connection with a connection that went beyond me, my intuition, my higher Self. But first I had to get through a lot of muck to get there, to clear the pathway to this inner knowing. 

A burning desire to find my true self again took over like a flame igniting within me.  

About this time I had a spiritual, soulful experience that rocked my world. I was meditating and opening myself up to the Divine when a lightning bolt of energy literally zapped into my hands like a laser beam. It had form and density. I felt like my hands moved with the weight of it. I didn’t know what it was, but I took it as confirmation I was on the right path going in the right direction. I connected the mind, body, and spirit knowing what I created in my mind, what beliefs I held onto about myself, what I stories I kept inside were manifesting in my body. My mind affected my emotions which affected my body; and in reverse, my emotions affected my mind which affected my body and my total well-being. One big negative feedback loop. Not any one thing healed me, but I knew when I connected with the wisest part of myself, my Higher Self, I was transported to a different level of consciousness that created lasting change and propelled me forward..  

I sought Spirit for help, first outside of myself as a rescuer and later as an intuitive guide and then in complete union. I was really searching for my own Soul, my true nature. All of this trapped energy, the negative feedback loop, was keeping me separate from this way of knowing. I practiced transforming my pain, emotional and physical, into a new way of being. With hard-earned wisdom, trust in the Universe’s Divine Plan and by developing strong spiritual and emotional muscles I began again at midlife.  My awareness grew as I came full circle knowing in some deep place that I was returning to and reclaiming my birthright as a beautiful, whole, perfect human being. I was reigniting my flame. 

And then it happened, I became a Soulfire Woman, living my truth, my purpose,

and bringing other women along with me.  

Living authentically, when your inside self and outside self finally match, being intuitively guided and grounded in your truth is higher consciousness living leading you home to you. I practiced calming my ego’s protective nature, enhanced my physical, emotional and spiritual awarenesses and started tapping into the Universal Spirit. My energy freed up for my life’s purpose of gently holding other’s stories and guiding them as they too healed and became whole. I began to crave what I call holy moments, not donuts, and wanted to spend more and more of my time there, those moments when synchronicity happens and life flows evenly with excitement and purpose, sacred moments of gratitude and bliss. Who doesn’t want more of that?  

What I now know for sure is that life’s challenges are opportunities to grow, to rediscover, remember, reclaim who you really are, and reignite your internal flame. Life is purposefully, with design, leading you home to you, Soulfire Woman, your true nature, your Sacred Feminine Power.

Chances are you’re already on this journey of Healing and Freeing Your Soulfire Woman. I’d like to join you and share what I know really, really, really works to reclaim your Wisdom, Power and Freedom . I’ll teach you the secrets to releasing stuck physical, emotional and spiritual energy and unlocking your soulfire potential. We’ll tap into your inner wisdom, and intuitive voice, your personal guide to your very best Self.

Soulfire Woman

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You’ll find more of my story in my self-help memoir, “Holey Path to Holy Living: A Women’s Guide to Healing and Freeing Sacred Feminine Power. 

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