Reconnective Healing


Reconnective Healing

A Spiritual Energy healing modality initiating higher frequencies and healing through Divine Grace.


Let me tell you my story. One day I was doing a guided meditation inviting the Holy Spirit into my heart and agreeing to do whatever I was asked to do. I usually mediated with my hands turned down, and on this particular day, I turned them up. What happened next is hard to describe.  It felt like the palms of my hands were sucking in a powerful stream of energy from the Universe. All of a sudden I felt something with weight and density forcefully plop into the middle of my hands. I had no idea what had just happened.  For the sake of space here, let’s just say this experience led me to explore energy healing and in particular Reconnective Healing.  I do go into more detail about this story in my new book coming soon, “Soulfire Woman: How to Torch Your Past, Ignite Your Present and Set Your Soul of Fire.”  Please watch for it.

Reconnective Healing utilizes new energy frequencies to allow for the healing of body, mind and spirit. It is vastly different from other energy healing modalities. Clients report reduced symptoms from many physical and emotional conditions, for example, stress and anxiety, migraines and back pain. It enhances well-being and gives the client a sense of peace. 1-3 in-person sessions are recommended.

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