Inner Wisdom Coaching


Initial sessions include life assessment and collaboration of initial steps on the Holey Holy path to healing, freeing your Sacred Feminine Power and higher consciousness living. Take advantage of session packaging for increased value and benefits!


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In one-on-one video conferencing, telephone or in person sessions, Dyanne will facilitate your journey to the heart of yourself through Inner Wisdom Coaching and the “Holey Path to Holy Living: Women’s Path to Healing and Freeing Sacred Feminine Power” including the “10 Sacred Feminine Power Principles.” There are many paths leading you home to yourself and to Wisdom, Power and Freedom. Collaboratively with Dyanne using her knowledge and experience as an emotional and physical healer, mind/body coach and her therapeutic skills, you embark on a healing path and plan individualized and designed especially for you.  You can start on any of the paths and will sometimes move back and forth between them. They all lead to the center of you where you will find your true self and authentic wisdom. You will move intuitively through the paths and onto the next as you are ready. With Inner Wisdom Coaching you will:

Release Your Story

Heal Emotionally with your own Intuitive Wisdom

Forgive and Fall Deeply in Love with Yourself

Live in the Beauty of Your Own True Nature

Speak Your Truth

Feel the Freedom of Clarity, Truth and Authenticity

Step Into your Truest, Most Powerful Self.