Soulfire Woman 6-week Inner Wisdom Intensive


Step into Your Sacred Feminine Power

Release Your Story

Heal with Your Own Intuitive Wisdom

Live in the Beauty of Your Own True Nature



Wisdom of the Stones

Are you looking to step into your Sacred Feminine Power? The 6- week Scared Feminine Inner Wisdom Intensive is for you if you want to dig deep, reveal and heal what is keeping you from the life you desire. If you are feeling the pull of something stronger, deeper, better, then the Inner Wisdom Intensive will get you there.

Think of it as an Inner Pilgrimage. On this journey you will experience:

Releasing Your Story
Healing Emotionally with your own Intuitive Wisdom
Forgiving and Falling Deeply in Love with Yourself
Living in the Beauty of Your True Nature
Feeling the Freedom of Clarity, Truth and Authenticity
Stepping into Your Truest, Most Powerful Self

What to expect:

Initial Assessment and Collaboration of Intentions and Goals
Weekly on-line guidance sessions with Dyanne
On-line group guidance with your sister journeyers
Weekly online workshop moving you toward your truest self 

Daily inspiration and motivation often in the form of journal prompts

Transformation begins as soon as you make the commitment to awaken and heal. Once you awaken to the truth of who you are and who you want to be there’s no undoing it.  You will move forward as if being directed by a power greater than yourself. It’s the power of co-creating with love consciousness. At midlife and beyond we are particularly equipped for this.  Love consciousness is increasingly more available to you as you get older and have collected wisdom, when you don’t sweat the small stuff, when you live each moment in appreciation of the next, when experiences mean more to you than things, when nothing else matters but love.  When you live in that state, you are in love consciousness and all things are possible. The blessing of midlife and beyond is that it’s the perfect time to be and use our sacred feminine powers to manifest and move mountains with love. That love begins with self-approval, self-forgiveness and self-belief. It begins with you.

Let’s move mountains together.  Join our tribe of awakening women and sign up today!





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