Soul Journaling – Create A Life You Love


One-On-One Guidance

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Create a Life You Love with quick, easy-to learn, journal writing techniques. In this four-part weekly series you will clear your path, bring your vision into focus and watch your life purpose unfold. Meeting once a week online with Dyanne you will learn techniques to tap into your unconscious knowing and propel yourself forward. No writing or journaling experience is necessary. Your unconscious will be your guide.
Week 1:  What do I really want? How do I get there from here?
Week 2:  Nurturing the Container: Self-Love
Week 3:  Tapping into Your Higher Consciousness and Wisdom
Week 4:  Spring into Action: Birthing Your Vision
You will come away with a deeper understanding of who you are and where you’re headed.  What an amazing experience!
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