Traveling My Way - Midlife Misadventures with Dyanne Kelley

Adventures in Ireland | Pub Life

Pub Life in Ireland Is Alive and Well Ireland Travel, Part 6: Pub Life Midlife Adventures | Traveling My Way   Now about the old pubs, one of my favorite places to be in Ireland. Wait, let me get a Guinness before I write this. There are pubs with food and pubs just...

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Adventures in Ireland | Foodie Ireland

Foodie Ireland | Adventures in Ireland Ireland Travel, Part 5 : Ireland, The Foodie Paradise They say St. Patrick explained the Holy Trinity to the Irish with a shamrock. I think the Holy Trinity has changed in Ireland too. It’s really brown soda bread, Guiness and...

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Adventures in Ireland | 40 Shades of Green

Nature in Ireland | 40 Shades of Green Ireland Travel, Part 3 Midlife Adventures in Ireland | Traveling My Way Nature in Ireland, folks.  It’s October and green, green and even more green as far as you can see. If you didn’t know what time of the year it was you would...

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Adventures in Ireland | Yesterday and Today

Ireland Travel, Part 2 Midlife Adventures in Ireland | Traveling My Way   Ireland Travel | Yesterday and Today Having been to Ireland before nearly 20 years ago,  I felt drawn back to the place of my heritage. There’s so much to see and do on this tiny island the...

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Hello!  Are you ready for another Traveling My Way blog? Unfortunately for you, because I know it can be quite entertaining, we had absolutely no pre-trip drama this time. Post-trip, yes. More on that later.  We land without a hitch and go through Customs. These guys...

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Vive le France!

Vive La France! We return to France. My Guy’s friend, a former owner of a travel company, gets a group of us a great deal on a Viking River Boat tour from Lyon through Provence’. Bien Sur, of course we will go.  You know we like to start our trips with a little drama,...

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Italy My Way

Hello Diva's!, It's been a long time! The story picks up with a trip to Italy! Some of you will recall that the last time we decided to go to Italy it was all going swimmingly until My Guy put his passport into the little check-in kiosk at the airport. Across the...

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Greece – First Stop, Athens

Greece - First Stop, Athens Old and New Friends, Hello! How exciting! We had the good fortune of being able to exchange houses with a family who just happened to have a villa on the Island of Paros and needed extra room here to house visitors from Sweden. YES!! My...

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Greece – Paros and Santorini

Greece - Paros and Santorini We have no directions to get to our villa in Paros as there are NO STREET ADDRESSES here. We are instructed to meet the house caretaker at the airport, an Armenian transplant, who holds up a sign for us. Not really necessary since the...

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Bon Jour!

Bon Jour! HELLO! I’m still floating after a romantic trip to Gay Pah-ree with My Guy over spring break. His aunt and uncle have an apartment there and have lived half of each year in Paris for the last 20 years. His uncle teaches a landscape design course every fall...

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Bon Jour Con’t

Bon Jour con’t… And having a few problems of my own starting before I ever left home…. Being of the age when I can no longer predict with any accuracy the timing of my monthly cycle and getting closer and closer to our departure date, I decide to challenge Mother...

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