Soulfire Woman Mentorship

Ignite the Flame!

Soulfire Woman Mentorships are where you will find the secrets to living in your Sacred Soulfire Feminine Power. These are personal, one-on-one mentorships with your healing and goals in mind. Dyanne makes a personal investment in your healing as she intuitively mentors you toward wholeness and opens the portal to your Soul Potential. This is also where you will DO the practice. All practices are designed to move you from your conscious surface level to your deeper subconscious and higher self where you access your intuition, healer within, ignite your Soul potential and unleash your inner Soulfire. Not your typical run-of-the-mill stuff.  Foremost, it’s a Woman’s Path, developed especially for women! Here is where it gets real. Mentorships are in three month increments.

In the Mentorship format you will receive personal weekly guidance through video conferencing, emails and telephone calls or in-person if available. Plus live group sessions when appropriate and Secret Facebook page, AND MORE… 

Be ready to be transformed!

Release Your Story
Heal Emotionally with your own Intuitive Wisdom
Forgive and Fall Deeply in Love with Yourself
Live in the Beauty of Your Own True Nature
Speak Your Truth
Feel the Freedom of Clarity, Truth and Authenticity
Step Into your Truest, Most Powerful Self.
Your personal three- month transformational investment of $599 includes:
  • Awakening to and reclaiming who you really are 
  • Soulfire Woman Power Principles
  • Personal weekly One-on-One Sessions
  • Q&A, Experiential Exercises and Feedback
  • Soul Potential Journaling
  • Secret Midlife and Beyond SoulfireTips
  • Soulfire Woman Blogs
  • Journal Prompts for the Journey
  • Women’s Path to Healing 
  • Guided Imagery, Meditation, Mindfulness and Other Informational Podcasts
  • Invitations to LIVE Sessions and Workshops
  • Emails to tickle, support and motivate


All that for a transformational investment of $599 

Do You Feel the Fire Burning in your Soul?  Holy, Soulfire Woman YES!!



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