the Soulfire Woman’s Way

Remember, Reclaim and Reignite the Woman You Were Meant to Be!

Are you a woman whose SOUL is yearning deeply for something more and knows something bigger is waiting for you?

Who wants to believe in yourself again and BE THE WOMAN you were meant to be?


I’m taking a STAND for you!

No woman should ever have to feel stuck and settle for an unfulfilling life!


You remember a time, right, when you felt like you were free to choose your life and truly believed you could do anything,

When you felt confident in who you were,

A time when anything felt possible?

What if I told you you could feel that way again?


The truth is, anything is possible.  

No matter what you’ve been through or are currently going through, you can still be the woman you were meant to be.

You CAN get your spark back, and shine your light GUILT-FREE.


It’s called the Soulfire Woman’s Way, a transformational journey of rediscovering your true self, so that you can live unapologetically as YOU with SoulFULL confidence.


On the journey, you will:


  • Heal your past and stop feeling stuck,

  • Trust your Intuition and release self-doubt,

  • Live from your Heart and experience life as your true self,

  • Stop over-giving without guilt,

  • Transform overwhelm and stress into Inner Peace,

  • Create boundaries that support you,

  • Be Heard, Felt, Understood and Valued in your relationships,

  • Believe in Yourself again,

  • Design your Next Chapter with confidence, and

  • Have the Courage to Shine Your Light!


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Create a Soul-Inspired Life

Feel Divinely supported and learn a 5-step technique that gets you in touch with who you really are so that you can start satisfying the yearning you have for something more, something bigger. Begin energetically aligning with those long-held desires.

Feel grounded and strong no matter what life throws at you, be kinder and gentler with yourself and make compassionate choices from a place of confidence.

Live Intuitively

Learn how to develop and grow your intuition so that you can let go of self-doubt, trust yourself fully and make decisions with clarity and confidence. Begin to courageously take the next steps toward your dreams. Experience what it feels like to tap into an inner knowing that connects your deepest Self with Sacred Truth. Feel empowered to make decisions based on this knowing and how it feels not to second-guess or doubt yourself.

Open to Self-Love with Forgiveness

Remove the locks on your heart, and self-love will come seeping in so that you can believe in yourself again and step fully into your authentic self. When you listen to your heart, you feel a deep sense of peace, and feel lighter and freer.

Forgiveness brings you more power than you know.  It brings you freedom. You let go of victimhood and stop looking outside of yourself to affirm your value.

JOY is the beautiful by-product of Self-Love.

Ignite Your Voice and Heal Your Relationships

Learn how to heal yourself first, listen to the voice within and then speak from a place of both kindness and strength. Heal conflicts in your relationships and show up as your true self so that you can feel valued, respected, and loved without feeling less than or not enough.  Develop a stronger sense of self-worth and experience fulfilling relationships in all aspects of your life. Start to feel the peace that comes from your core self.

Create a New Story and Stop Feeling Stuck

Learn how to rewrite your story so that you can feel good about yourself again, rediscover your purpose and put your intentions into action.You are not your story. You are what you do with your story. And so much more. Your story is your story.  But it doesn’t have to define you.  Create and choose the life you want to live. Be the woman you want to be.

Lead with Your Heart and Shine Your Light

Bring it all together, SoulFULLY aligned, and you are who you were meant to be, a radiant Soulfire Woman, a completely visible woman who walks in her light unapologetically as her true self so that you live a fulfilled life from a place of knowing, strength, courage, and resilience. You live a life on purpose in every moment.



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