You are not your story. You are what you do with your story. And so much more.

Soulfire Woman speaks to every woman who has felt her authentic self–the person she was meant to be–hijacked by rules, roles, obligations, relationships, divorce or past trauma. Author Dyanne Kelley’s hope in sharing her journey is for women to use what she knows to be true, to heal right along with her, and step into their own power. She wishes for you to be who you were always meant to be, a Soulfire Woman

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I am forever grateful…

Thank you again for the incredible gift of your talent, heart, and spirit. I desperately needed a guiding angel in my life and through some of the most unlikely connections, we were brought together. I would have been fine had this opportunity not come along, but I am forever grateful that I was blessed with the chance to be guided, nurtured, and empowered by you.


Eternal Gratitude

Dyanne gave me permission and guidance for how to go in and through the depths to see my true self from the very beginning before trauma or any negative shaping experiences. She did this through awesome internal guided imagery exercises that my soul knew could give me answers. I have eternal gratitude for her.


The coaching was truly life changing!

Dyanne has a wonderful talent of designing both the lessons and the follow up work to meet the needs of each individual. Her work does not follow a scripted plan but adjusts to what the learner needs at that very moment. Dyanne quickly adjusted lessons to give wisdom and guidance on how to progress, learn and grow.


Soulfire Woman was tailor fitted to my needs.

The Soulfire Woman’s Way paints a picture of traveling to the Divine whether that is outside us or simply the divine within. The experience was soulful, very tailor fitted to my needs and facilitated by you so kindly and patiently! I think the initial 1/2 hour call prior to committing to the 12 weeks really helped me to evaluate that working with you, Dyanne, would be a match for me.


…Moved to Tears

Dyanne, you are an amazing writer! Your writing moves me to tears. I love reading your blogs!


We All Enjoy a Bit of Voyeurism…

“….your letters have meaning for me. I see myself in them as I see YOU living them. They make me smile, they make me laugh, they make me WANT to keep reading. I think we all enjoy a bit of voyeurism….Living vicariously through others but at the same time completely relating to them and their “Story”, which is really my story, our story. I could go on and on.”


The Craziness and Imperfections of Life…

“The very first thing? The craziness and imperfections of life, with emotions attached, learning not just to cope but to thrive and grow more authentic, more in touch with your spirituality and connection. Humor, ability to bare one’s soul,and leaving the reader a sense of hope through your experience.”


Funny, happy, sad,compassionate, real and truthful…

“Confessions from the Other Side of 50″ is as close as it gets to soul-side talk. It’s funny, happy, sad,compassionate, real and truthful. It’s a wonderful episodic writing that nurtures the feelings of love and friendship, no matter the distance between the writer and her audience. It revives the art of letter writing using present-day technology to share timeless thoughts and powerful emotions ever remembering that friendship and love prevail.”


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