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How it all began…

I am a 50-year-old woman going through divorce after 25 years of marriage. In a moment of courage or craziness, I am not sure, I move from my native, rural Pennsylvania home to a place called Greenville in the South for a new beginning. Supposedly this is for a job AND I feel compelled, called there.  Do you know there are 32 states with a Greenville? In the South it’s pronounced Grenvulle. I’m easily identified as a Yankee when I say Greeeenvill.  Greenvilles are always just big enough, small enough and friendly enough to feel comfortable enough to begin life again.

And so I do.

My life in the crapper.

Feeling lonely, missing my old life, desperately wanting to stay connected with my friends and family, I begin writing them snippets of my new life at night before bedtime, a bedtime ritual of sorts.  An invisible net of love and gratitude I cast through cyber space hoping to pull them in and keep them close.

I cling to the friend life raft, scared of drowning in the unknown.  I owe it to them as a woman to survive, to thrive, to create a live demonstration of everything I had been teaching them as a mind-body coach. I know they are looking to me to make it. It’s what they expect and need.  It is what I expect and need. It is this that compels me to keep moving forward. This and the underlying belief that I am meant to be here. We are all connected in hope in despair in joy.  I realize this is my service to them.  Then I realize this is their service to me. They are the keepers of my story. They give me love, and a sense of purpose greater than myself. They breathe me. I am alive. I am surviving and in time thriving.

These are my letters of love.

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