Greetings my dearest friends. So sorry for the hiatus. First and foremost, let’s take a moment of reverence for our friend, Dianne, one of the first journal group members, who has crossed over and blesses us from the other side….Amen Sister. You are loved.

I knew I absolutely had to write after checking out at Harris Teeter’s (local grocery store) a couple of weeks ago. I reached into my purse for my credit card holder pulling it out only along with it flew a Kotex mini pad right in front of my face landing at my feet. For a second I IMG_0981was frozen and mortified. Should I just pretend nothing happened and ignore the pad lying at my feet? Or should I scoop it up? I decided to scoop it up and quickly looked around to see if anyone saw me. Whew! This is the South. They were all polite enough to pretend looking the other way. “You’re fine,” as they say here.

This last semester nearly did me in it was so crazy, literally, which is the major reason I have been away from the computer. Well, and truth be told, having all this sex takes time. A slight loss of sleep too but hey, I’m not complaining. You’ll be happy to know My Guy and I are going strong, doing well and moving right along. I must say there are certainly advantages to dating a doctor when it comes to sex (My Guy is a former chiropractor turned acupuncturist.) Pretend I’m whispering to you…He knows things….

It’s hard to believe, but in a couple of weeks I will be celebrating my one year anniversary in Greenville. A part of me is enormously proud of making this transition and starting over. There’s another part of me who feels nostalgic for my old life and friends and family. Sometimes I feel so far from my center. Yet I know I came to find love, found it and with that the groundwork is laid to keep moving forward. So I celebrated my first New Year’s Eve in Greenville with My Guy. We were so exhausted from a whirlwind trip to PA over the holidays (more on that in a minute) where we traveled to four different cities/towns seeing relatives that we wanted to spend New Year’s quietly having a nice dinner. We then decided one more bar was not going to hurt us…. I’m in the ladies room chatting with a young woman who stops talking, looks at me and says. “You are so beautiful……You remind me of my MOTHER!” Hey a compliment is a compliment. We ended up calling a taxi to take us home. One more bar.

Well, I’ve been here long enough to see my doctors for follow-ups. First up, cardiologist. This was still when it was warm out, oh, let’s say last month. I swear its 90 degrees here six months a year. Well it was close to 80 on Halloween. This week it’s been in the 20s at night and close to 40 during the day. If it lasts the entire week, it will break a record set in 1981. Whew! Back to cardio. I’m wearing open-toed shoes and the nurse tells me she can’t help but notice my feet. She says she notices people’s feet, and I have nice ones. She laughs and says she has a foot fetish. I laugh to myself and say once again, only in the South.

HWH-DentistThen off to the dentist. You remember him, gorgeous camel eyes with the ooooohhh so gentle touch. The dental hygienist tells me Dr. G. for Gorgeous is running late. Oh, I don’t mind waiting I say. She gives me a knowing smile. Then she confesses that for his birthday she got him a Golf Digest with his picture reproduced on it and got an extra copy for herself, framed it and has it on her mantle. Trust me, he is cute. While we are waiting, I hear her behind me doing what sounds like loud kitchen sink noises. I ask her if I should dry. She busts a gut laughing at that one. She says only a woman would get that. Again she walks me out and says she looks forward to my return. Once every six months is not enough.

Back to PA visit. As it turns out My Guy’s grandmother and aunt and uncle live 30 minutes from my home in PA. He knows more about the area than I do from visiting so many times. His aunt and uncle start telling stories from their 50th wedding anniversary surprise party. My Guy was there in the woods almost directly behind my home in PA and I was in Greenville. This was before we met. Too funny. Well, up comes a story about a couple whose name I’m sure I have heard before. I say, whoa, don’t tell me you know So and So. I know So and So. Mrs. So and So is known far and wide for her antics. It seems this couple arrived a day late for the surprise 50th anniversary party. They were so upset they missed the party that they took My Guy’s aunt and uncle to the opening day game at the Steelers! Then they say their granddaughter lives right around the corner from me. Turns out they have been in my house on one of the house tours. Small world people! Isn’t that amazing?

Just a couple of more things. I met my parent’s at the beach house the first weekend in November. There’s a McDonald’s I stop at along the way for coffee. The lady charges me .67 cents. I say, is that all? She says she gave me the senior citizens discount for people over 50. My jaw drops to the floor. She says, You are over 50 right? Yes, I say sheepishly. Don’t worry, honey she says, I can’t wait for mine (discount). Bitch.

At the beach a very rough looking tattoo covered woman came to clean to the pool. She starts explaining to me the problems with the pool. I know, I say a couple of times. Finally I say I am the owner. Wait, she says looking long and hard at me, you are not the Mrs. who was here with the Mr. No, I say, and I am the REAL Mrs., and SHE is not. A look of recognition crosses her face. She gives me the once over. Oh, honey, she says, she’s got nothin’ over you. Saint.

And that’s it for now. I miss you all so much my heart aches sometimes. I know good things are happening for you. Be well. Be forever blessed as you begin a new year. Much, much love.

Goodnight from Greenville, Dyanne

Dyanne is an inner wisdom coach, psychotherapist, writer, mind-body healer, Integrative Yoga Therapy teacher, certified “Journal-to-the SELF” instructor and creator of https://www.holywhollyholey.comhelping women heal and step into their power. She is the author of the ebook, “Holey Path to Holy Living: A Women’s Path to Healing and Freeing Sacred Feminine Power,” which can be found on Amazon and on her website

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