Lesson #11: Perspective

It’s sunny but blustery on our walk today. I tilt my head down into the wind trying to stay warm. Penelope, on the other hand, tilts her head up, and lets her hair and ears blow back like a model in front of a wind machine. She moves into a trot loving it.

The perspective is different when I am looking down. I look just a few steps ahead. My visual sense not needed as much, I listen more intently to the sound of the ocean. I realize how often I shut its sound out listening instead to the thoughts in my head. The wind chills my neck and makes my eyes tear. Today I am present. Every once in a while, I look up to make sure Penelope is still loping along. Then I look back down keeping my head low.

I watch the wet sand as the water rushes over it. Treasures appear like magic; two beautiful whole, whelk shells. My find makes me smile. I probably would have missed them on a less blustery day.

We turn around. And just like that everything changes. The wind is at our backs. The sun warms my face. I look up and take in the expanse of the ocean. I walk along comfortably opening my coat enjoying the walk now where a few minutes before I was trudging along. Penelope’s pace slows. She squints her eyes like if she is sunning her face. She adjusts to the weather conditions with such ease. I should be more adaptable, I think.

Such is life. Sometimes we put our heads down and walk into the wind, our steps labored, pushing ahead slowly. There is treasure to be found, though, when we see with new eyes, slow our pace and experience a different perspective. And then, poof, life gets easier again, sunnier and more comfortable.

These are challenging times to be sure. As you put your head down into the wind, what treasures will you find?

Dyanne Kelley

Dyanne Kelley

Soulfire Woman

I’m Dyanne Kelley. You can find me @soulfirewoman where I share my musings, wisdom, coaching, mentorships. My book, “Soulfire Woman: How to Torch the Past; Ignite the Present, and Set Your Soul on Fire,” is available now!  For a sneak peek at the first chapter, fill out the form below. And shoot me your comments. I love to read your feedback.

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