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Nature in Ireland, folks.  It’s October and green, green and even more green as far as you can see. If you didn’t know what time of the year it was you would think it Irelandwas spring time. Wild flowers line the sides of the roads, fuchsias, lilies, and hydrangeas. Petunias still in flower boxes. And here’s a surprise, Irelandpalm trees and pampas grass. It’s a temperate climate never really getting too cold or hot. The Irish woman I met at the airport before boarding told me I was landing in a heat wave in Ireland.She was wearing shorts. I think it did get up to 60 degrees one day.The weather was mostly sunny and in the mid-50s during the day for most of our time there.

About the cows. Cows have taken over Ireland. They, along with windmills, dot the hillsides and are everywhere. These cows are the happiest cows I’ve every seen.You just know when you look at them grazing on the greenest pastures licking and rubbing against each other. No barns for these beauties, the climate is mild enough there’s no need for winter housing. Happy grass-fed cows make the milk flow apparently.I read a Sunday editorial about how Ireland is addressing climate change and someone suggested they become vegetarians given the amount of methane gas Ireland’s cows release into the atmosphere. Something to consider.  

Yes, nature in Ireland is a thing to behold.  Cows and all. 

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Dyanne Kelley

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