Lesson # 2: Spread Love and Joy

We meet families with young children coming off the beach today.  Mommy, can I pet the dog, the little girl asks?  Sure, she’s friendly, I get used to saying as I stop.  On this particular morning,  the little girl starts with a friendly pet on the head and quickly moves in for a full body hug, grabbing Penelope around the neck,  immersing and wiggling her face in long fur. Oh, gentle, gentle says the mother.  Penelope understands this kind of pure, spontaneous joy and allows the little girl her moment. Mommy snuggles with me like that,  the little girl says. Mommy laughs and says yes, but without quite as much hair.


We don’t get very far before we meet the next family. Is she an Aussie? Yes, I say. May we pet her? Of course, I respond, proud that Penelope is so good at being an ambassador for joy and love. We have a dog at home and miss her, they say.  I understand. Being away from your dog is hard, I say. It’s being away from all that love,  I think to myself. We get this a lot, Sweet P and I. People wanting to pet her because they miss the love and affection from their own dogs.  Penelope effortlessly raises the feel-good vibration of everyone she meets just by being herself. The wag of her tail means her heart is open to give and receive all the goodness out there.

Today is that kind of day. We do not get our usual steps in. I slow down. I get it. We are responding to a higher purpose.  We are spreading love and joy.

How are you spreading joy? Has someone or something brought you joy lately?


Dyanne Kelley

Dyanne Kelley

Soulfire Woman

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Conversations With My Mom

She tells me she got herself a cake and invited the neighbors. How many came, I ask. Thirteen. All at once? It takes 10 more minutes to get an answer to this. No, she says, a couple at a time. Did they wear masks, I ask? Ten more minutes. Yes. Well, how did you eat the cake with your masks on? She starts laughing hysterically. We kept lifting up the masks for each bite and laughed at each other. It was fun, she said.

Covid, old folks style.

I’m No Prude

Recently,  I posted a blog article on Elephant Journal, Meet Grace, My New Best Friend, about being kind to ourselves during this time of COVID 19. It is only after I send out my blog to everyone I know on the planet that I realize, when you click on the link for the article, the ad at the top of EJ page is for vibrators.

women and power
Girl, You Got the Power

Power. It’s such an interesting concept for women. Men keep their power. It grows with them. Women tend to lose it along the way. And then spend their lives trying to regain it.
I know the exact moment I gave all of my power away.

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