Lesson #3: Stay Open to the Unexpected

The Power of Positivity

We set out this morning both of us thankful for the pleasant breeze. It’s one of those perfect days. Very few people, the end of the week, vacationers planning their trips home. I love these mornings when I can let Penelope off leash to run and explore. Penelope uses me as entertainment letting me get far ahead and then running hard to catch and circle around me. She does this until tired and settles into a comfortable content walk beside me.

Then it happens. Two labs come bounding toward us off leash. Penelope is alert, ready to bolt, no longer tired. She does not want to miss this opportunity to meet and greet. Quick, back on the leash for Sweet P until we assess the situation. Out of nowhere three women appear calling my name. We met a couple of evenings before at the neighbor’s house.  The labs start to bark,  rushing at them. Penelope thinking there are damsels in distress slips her collar and takes off circling and herding the women protecting them from potential danger.  They’re off, the three dogs chasing, frolicking in the water, around and around again, Sweet P’s recent visit to the doggie spa now history. She is soaked and completely covered in sand. I sigh. She smiles sweetly at me.

We walk off the beach and head towards home with these women,  all nurses and friends for 45 years. Every person we pass gets a special greeting and wish for a pleasant walk and day. A driver with his window down gets thanked and blessed for his kindness in letting us cross the street. He gets an additional compliment for his nice SUV and its beautiful red color. He gives us a big smile, and I know his day is going to be better for it.  I comment on their positivity. We make a point of it, they say. You can really set the tone for someone’s day, starting it out with such kindness, I let them know. What a wonderful way to look at it, they say.  We part ways wishing pleasant journeys and sunny days ahead.

And just like that the tone for my day is set. Unexpectedly.

How do you set a positive tone for your day? Do you believe in the power of positivity?

Dyanne Kelley

Dyanne Kelley

Soulfire Woman

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