Penelope and Me: Lessons I Learn Walking My Dog at the Beach

Lesson #4:  Road Closed. Path Opened.

by Dyanne Kelley

Lately it’s been too hot to take our normal route where we enter the beach at one place and exit at another farther down.  There’s a breeze, and today seems like a good day to make the loop.  There’s no escaping the heat though. We head toward the exit and cross the street toward home.  I look ahead and see a sign at the entrance of the next road crossing. Road Closed. From where I stand the road looks completely blocked. I look down at Penelope. She’s panting. To turn back now would surely be too much for her. I stand there. Do we take our chances and see if we can somehow break through the barriers, go under, over or around?  It would mean even more steps if we had to turn around and go back.  I stand there unable to make a decision.

Entering the walkway as I contemplate our dilemma is a super gorgeous guy, perfect tan, no shirt, slim muscular build, cool shades, 40ish. Right now I think I am in that old Coca- Cola commercial where all the professional women run to the window to watch the male work crew guy below take off his shirt for his 11:30 Diet Coke break. My Diet Coke Man heads right for the “Road Closed” sign. We step right in stride with him. Decision made. Is the road really closed I ask? Oh no, he says, it’s just a couple feet at the end of the walkway that are being repaired. You can easily get around it. Wonderful, I say. You can walk with me along our property he offers. Okay, I say, glad for the invite and enjoying his cheery company.  We chat effortlessly about this and that as we go along.

I smile as we walk on and Diet Coke Man finally heads up the driveway to his house.

Thanks, I yell.  See you tomorrow 11:30, I say under my breath as he gives a quick wave good-bye.

Road closed. Path opened.

I’m Dyanne Kelley. You can find me @soulfirewoman where I share my musings, wisdom, coaching, mentorships and soon-to-be book, “Soulfire Woman: How to Torch the Past; Ignite the Present, and Set Your Soul on Fire.” For a sneak peak and the first chapter, fill in the link at the top of the page. And shoot me your comments below. I love to read your feedback.







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