Lesson #7: Sixth Sense

sixth sensePenelope and Me: Lessons I Learn Walking My Dog at the Beach

Lesson #7: Sixth Sense

She did it again.  Oh, this gal of mine. Tonight, we walk down the pier hurrying to catch the sunset. Penelope is off leash trotting ahead.  A large family ambles behind us. Sweet P keeps looking back. My guy wonders out loud if Penelope is noticing the boy in the stroller. Why, I ask? He looks like he might have Down’s Syndrome, he says. She’s just curious about all of them,  I say.  We sit on the bench preparing for the sun’s daily spectacle when the little boy shouts something that loosely sounds like “Dog.”  Just like that, as if she knows, Penelope turns around and runs back to him sticking her face right in his lap. Oh, the giggles.  My Guy and I look at each and shrug our shoulders.  Does Sweet P have a sixth sense for this? 

We follow Penelope, head back to the group and end up taking a series of family sunset photos. We learn the little boy’s name,  calling him to watch Penelope. He looks for her and smiles for the photos. As we walk away, the little boy breaks away from his family to follow Penelope and get one last snuggle in.  He’s able to sound out her name, P-oh-P.

He’s been angling for a dog, they say. Yes, I say to him, you should have a dog. And ask for one just like Penelope. P-oh-P. Yes, P-oh-P. 

And the sun sets on another day,  walking our dog at the beach. 


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