A Reflection: Trusting What’s To Come

Happy New Year: A Reflection

Trusting What the Universe Has in Store for You

​New Year’s Day is a day of reflection for me.  I especially love to read some of my journal entries from the past year.  And every year it’s the same. I start out the year with such angst, rudderless, not having direction.  It’s the post-holiday sludge when my mind and body are cluttered, clogged with over-indulgence, non-stop activities and restless nights spent in beds not my own.  And every year the solution is the same. I return to stillness and meditation, keeping my journal at hand. I open myself up to receive, going into my heart center and beginning with gratitude.  Last year more than ever I could see my pattern so clearly. The uncertainty, the searching, imploring spirit for a sign. In that stillness, like rehearsed, creativity descends on me, and I begin my forward movement.  From there I formulate my intentions and set about turning them into affirmations as if they have already happened.   

More than any other year I can see how well manifesting through spirit, co-creating, works on my behalf with my highest good and the highest good for all in mind.  “I am open to receive; use me,” I say out loud to the Universe. Sometimes it takes a while before I hear clearly though. In my January posts, I read all about my hesitancy in going forward with publishing my book even after I had received positive feedback from the editor and from women I had carefully chosen to read it.  Did I have the nerve to put my personal story out there for all to read, to expose myself in such a way, to make myself completely vulnerable, to step into the unknown? I was worried how my daughter would respond to my revelations and knowing her mother’s emotional struggles. I worried about others I might hurt with my truths.  I entered each day in a complete state of fear. I leaned harder into spirit, as I always do in such times. I saw my journal entries shift to encouragement and the reassurance that I was following spirit’s guidance at all times, “downloads” of information, using my intuition, my sense of knowing.  

Then hesitancy turned into action.  I felt the fear and did it anyway. I do this. I so believe in the guidance I am receiving I move ahead all the while holding fear as a partner. Each step built on the last until I was full out running for the finish line caught up in the momentum. At this point I had no choice but to move forward.

And then she was birthed, “Soulfire Woman:  How to Torch Your Past, Ignite Your Present and Set Your Soul on Fire,” launched into the Universe. And just like that, she grew wings.  She no longer belonged to me as my story. She became your story, or the story of every woman who read it. Soulfire Woman took on a life of her own. Marveling at this co-creation, I just stood back and watched in awe.  

Upon reflection, I realize it was never about me even though I made it so through my worries and fears. It was always about how the book would help women heal and step into their power, how it would reach out and touch, at just the right timing, those women who need it most. I was merely the conduit. All because I made myself still and listened. 

And so, as I begin this year again in reflection, and again in my sugar haze and momentarily directionless, I remind myself of my patterns of fear and move more quickly into trusting that above all things, the Universe really does have my back.  She has yours too.  

Trust what’s in store for you.  And trust me, it’s more than you ever imagined. 


Happy New Year!

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Dyanne Kelley

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