Truth Telling: The Power of Journaling

The power of journaling lies in your ability to be honest with yourself. 


I had the honor and privilege of teaching a journaling workshop to a group of very brave, courageous women last week.  For this particular group,  I had each woman pick an Angel Card, telling them if they really, really, really didn’t like their card, they could pick a new one but that the cards had a way of finding the right person.  No one opted for another card, and the response was immediate with the women saying how perfect each card was for them. Like I say in my book, there are no accidents. The journaling exercises from that moment began to work their magic touching hearts, offering healing messages, providing elusive answers and guiding them in just the right way. 


There was surprise, maybe a little shock, some tears and sometimes resistance to what was coming up for them in their writing. I said maybe journal writing should come with a warning:

May cause sudden emergence of feelings, breathe deep and drink plenty of fluids.   


Not to make light. This is exactly where transformation begins, at the moment of awareness, at the moment when what you are connecting with is so real and honest your body responds in acknowledgement.  When you tell yourself the truth and it lands inside, your body saying, yes, yes, that’s it! And this is exactly where you step onto the Soulfire Woman’s pathway to healing and being whole, first by telling yourself the God-honest truth. 


Whatever journey you are on, spiritual, psychological or the Divine feminine, it all begins with being able to be honest with yourself.  This takes lots of practice. When I first started journaling, I didn’t realize I was still keeping the truth from myself. I would write in a guarded way or like I was writing the great American novel for English class or writing for an imaginary audience needing it to be perfect.  It took me awhile to get beneath the surface and beyond the superficial, to go deep and know when I had landed. My defenses were that strong, that I didn’t even know my own truth. 


And this is why you need to do it. When you open yourself up to your truth through journaling, your body let’s go of its vice grip on you. Literally. Holding things in is very hard physiological work.  As you reveal and heal, your body opens up and your intuition has a much clearer route to you. Your intuition connects you to your Higher Self or God (dess) or is, in fact, the voice of the Divine. 


And here’s the truth: It’s all right at your fingertips.  


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Dyanne Kelley

Dyanne Kelley

Soulfire Woman

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