Lesson #10: Shamelessly Asking for What You Want

Penelope and Me Dyanne KelleyPenelope is a dog who allows. She allows people to pet her, accepting it graciously but mostly remaining indifferent.  A necessary part of being cute and cuddly,  I imagine she is thinking. There are times though,  when she takes charge of what she wants, shamelessly.

We rounded the corner of our street awhile back to see both an EMT and a fire truck at our neighbor’s house.  Men everywhere. Positioned and waiting. A firemen calendar photo-op right in our midst, if you get my drift. My neighbor, it seems,  needs to be transported to the hospital.  Penelope and I wait to see if we can be of assistance, and to send my neighbor off with love and reassurance for good health. 

Next thing I know,  Penelope throws herself into a young, fit EMT, leaning in and rubbing back and forth just like a cat.  Only she’s a 60 -pound dog. I think I even caught her smiling. The guy looks up, mildly shocked. I shrug. He gives Sweet P a nice doggy rub-down.  I pull her back and ask her to sit, which she does. A few minutes later, she chooses another guy, a fireman this time, older, and does the cat thing, back and forth, back and forth.  It looks like love at first sight. He laughs and gives her another good pet. I don’t know whether to be embarrassed by my dog’s forward love behavior or just laugh. I sheepishly say I’ve never seen her do this before.  In her defense, I do get the attraction.

We walk the rest of the way home. I tell My Guy what just happened. He’s offended. Penelope  never greets him like this, he says. I reassure him she loves him just the same.

A couple of weeks later Penelope greets a male visitor similarly. She becomes a cat weaving around him keeping him at a standstill. He affectionately digs his hands into her and makes her tail wag.  On his way out she gets between him and the door and goes belly up for the ultimate of all rubs.  

Who does this? Penelope. Sweet P is a belly-up kind of girl, boldly asking exactly for what she wants. Shamelessly.  And getting it. 

 We should all be so bold, I think, that in tune with what we want and need and just demanding it. 

Be back in a sec.  I need a shoulder rub. 

Dyanne Kelley

Dyanne Kelley

Soulfire Woman

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