Lesson #12: Social Distancing and Healing Touch

It’s a beautiful, sunny, crisp spring-like day. Mostly we have the beach to ourselves.  On this day, a young man, who must be missing spring training, is standing behind a line he’s drawn in the sand. He is in the start position, runner’s arms ready, leaning in, and then, zip, he’s out of the gate for what looks like a 50 -or 100-yard dash. He turns around. Back again. And again. Penelope watches the first dash and quickly decides this is just too good of a game to sit out. Off she goes.

Social distancing. Penelope is not on-board. I call her. She looks back at me and looks away again. She stays with the runner. Of course, she gets a pet or two. There’s no option but to get closer and quickly hook the leash to her collar. I hadn’t intended or anticipated this. Do I talk? Do I hold my breath?

Penelope is a guest over at Elephant Journal today! Read the rest of this story at Elephant Journal. 

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