It Takes A Village… of Women


It Takes a Village

This is for all the mothers out there.

I grew up in a neighborhood of mothers. Whether they were or not in the traditional sense, I don’t really know. I do know my friends and I were under their watchful eyes. Those secret forts we had. Not so secret. The steeled kiss in a darkened garage. Witnessed and reported. The story that a “little birdy” informed and whispered our comings and goings to the neighborhood cohort of women was a very real phenomenon.

We were told to be home when the streetlights came on at night with all the freedom in the world to roam about during the day. Except someone always knew, no matter how far and wide we roamed, just what we were up too. The day my friend fell into the water, and at the recommendation of another friend, took her clothes off to dry…in the company of other young male friends… her mother knew before my friend ever walked into the front door for dinner. That one still baffles me. Just how…? Grounded.

An invisible network of caring women. Some women worked outside the home like my mom. It didn’t matter. I was carefully watched by the stay-at-home moms in case I strayed a little too much.

I had a lot of moms. They were my friend’s moms, they were my teachers, they were my mentors, they were the nurses who took care of me in the hospital when I had my wisdom teeth and tonsils out in middle school. They were my Sunday School teachers. And my coaches. They were the older, wiser women who let me stay with them after a break-up, until I was ready to be out on my own again

They all took on the role of mothering. How lucky am I to have been mothered by such a group of women?

Mothering is Sacred. The Divine Sacred Feminine fulfilling her role as the creator of life, the nurturer and lover, the one who fights fiercely for those she cares about, the one with the courage to face adversity with determination and resilience, the one who seeks harmony and offers love and compassion.

These are all my mothers. And now, as they have mothered me, I carry on this sacred role assigned to me.

Happy Divine Sacred Feminine Mother’s Day!

PS It won’t surprise you to learn that the origin of Mother’s Day is all about women stepping into their power.

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