I AM a Woman YEARNING Deeply for…

I’ve come to realize that I have been yearning for something most of my life.

When I was younger, I dreamt of getting out of the house, going to college, and becoming INDEPENDENT and financially SUCCESSFUL.

Then I yearned to find LOVE with a partner and fulfill my DESIRE to be a mother and have a baby.

Before long, that baby could talk and talk she did. So much so that I yearned for a quiet moment so that I could literally think my own thoughts without interruption. I yearned for a SEPARATE SELF from my child.

Motherhood, my career and marriage consumed me. I yearned for BALANCE so that I would not lose sight of who I was.

I still had DREAMS I wanted to fulfill. My DESTINY was unfolding with all the new WISDOM I was gathering, and I wanted to follow it. I didn’t want to be held back or hold myself back.

I started to shrink in and become small. I yearned for the CONFIDENCE and ASSERTIVENESS to use my VOICE in my marriage so that my needs wouldn’t feel minimized. I wanted to find the time to PERSONALLY and SPIRITUALLY grow AND be the best mom, wife and career woman.

Self-doubt set in. I did lose myself in my many roles thinking they defined me. I was no longer the confident young woman who thought I had the world at my feet.

I wanted her back.

It took healing my old, emotional wounds, finding my voice and living with the FREEDOM of ACCEPTING myself as I am and knowing I AM good enough in all things.

Now I yearn to live in that PEACE of MIND, BODY and SOUL, to know that I am creating a SoulFULL life I can be proud of,  filled with PURPOSE, goodness, kindness and love. I yearn for an open heart to make a difference in the world. A LEGACY I can pass on.

I yearn to be FREE to live the life I was destined to live.


What are you yearning deeply for? Share in the comment section below.




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