52 is my new favorite number!

Did you know in some Native American cultures, WOMEN are not considered fully grown until they are 52 YEARS OLD?
Then they are revered as the Wise Women of the Tribe, the Elders.
When I was turning 50, I was looking forward to celebrating 25 years of marriage and leaving my current job, positioning myself to travel with my husband, which I previously could not do with my career and mom schedule.
Instead, in a sudden turnaround, I ended up separated from my husband, alone, and throwing myself my own 50th birthday party, which was epic, if I do say so myself.
One picture of myself at 50 was living out my dreams with my husband. The other was, I catapulted into self-doubt, afraid I was too old to begin again (which I did), to find a new partner (which I did), or live my best decade (which I did)!
I’m here to tell you life for me began in so many ways when I turned 50. I catapulted into my FEMININE POWER and owned the truth of who I am. Although the lessons were hard, WISDOM accumulated by the bucket fulls. I feel more FULFILLED than ever before in my life.
I own that I am a CRONE.
And I wear that CROWN proudly.
Tell me, are you a fully grown woman?
What do you know now that you didn’t know then?
Head over to the Soulfire Sisterhood group on Facebook to discuss! I’d love to know what you’ve learned. 

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