I’m a feeler.  I live mostly from the right side of my brain, intuitive, somewhat creative, empathic. Introvert.  Let me tell you, it’s not easy being this way in a left-brained analytical, goal oriented, extroverted world.  

In my last J.O.B.I remember being at staff meetings and making suggestions based on intuition and when asked how I knew the solution, I said, I just know. You can guess how well that went over. They much preferred flow charts, research and measured outcomes.

It would take a week for the staff to come to an answer I had in five minutes.  It would be presented in different language but essentially the same thing and now no longer my idea. I never got credit.

Maybe you can relate?

Live Unapologetically as YOU!

Over the years, I let self-doubt set in and began to question myself. I felt not quite as good.Let me tell you what happened. I got consistent results. I was right more often than not.  My clients got better.  I started to get noticed.

It took me a while to own my way of being as the way that works for me and to feel confident again. But I got there. I began to hear my confidence in how I used my voice, like I KNEW exactly what I was talking about.

Now I get to live Unapologetically as ME doing what brings me JOY. I want that for you too. I’m not going to sugarcoat it. It does take a healthy does of courage and patience.

But you can do it. I know you can.

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