Are you experiencing a flood of emotions and don’t know what to do with them?

Do you feel dissatisfied or unhappy in some of your relationships and are not sure how to sort it all out?

Do you feel indecisiveness, flip flopping back and forth, frustrating yourself?
This is how I first started using my journal. I just didn’t know where to go with the struggles I was having in my marriage. I was scared to admit to anyone how I really felt, the unhappiness of not having my needs acknowledged and even dismissed as unimportant.

Living an inauthentic life was costing me in health and wellbeing, life satisfaction, and in being able to have the life I truly imagined for myself.

I kept journaling.

As I learned to write in my journal things I couldn’t say out loud, work out my inner most thoughts and feelings, and take steps forward in my life, I trusted the process more and more. It felt safe for me to go deeper and reveal things that stayed hidden most of my life. I started to scratch the surface of my past sexual trauma and then over time unearth and heal deep wounds.

A woman I most recently worked with, who didn’t even know it was possible to heal from her past, did exactly that and is now creating her dream life healing others.

In the very first journal group I offered, a woman had lost her son several years prior and only through the journal exercises and LOVING container of the group, was she able to allow that grief to come through and be healed. She was able to bring joy back into her life.

Other women doubted themselves in their relationships with spouses and partners, parents, siblings and co-workers. They were told their feelings were wrong, that they were way off base. They felt like they were at an impasse, stuck with things the way they were. There was constant conflict.

If you’ve ever felt this way, you know your self-esteem plummets after being told repeatedly, you’re the problem. Feeling like you have no control, a low-level sadness sets in and makes life feel oh so heavy.

Maybe you may have felt grief and uncertainty in your life, for example, after a divorce and are scared what the future holds.

Do any of these women feel like you? 

I can assure you, there is nothing more powerful than a group of women who create a SAFE container and VALIDATE you. And to know, you have the answers you need “write” at your fingertips with these journal techniques.

What all of these women have in common, and you will too, is that they grew in strength and in COURAGE. They learned to TRUST themselves and their INTUITION and became more and more CONFIDENT. They BELIEVED in themselves again.

Their lives changed dramatically, each becoming happier, more satisfied by living a Soul-aligned life, one true to who they really are inside.

You can’t do this alone. Not to start anyway.  Women need women to heal.  You get to love each other up and hold each other accountable in moving your life forward.

Are you ready to step out boldly, as who you were always meant to be with the courage to create a life that feels truest to you? Are you ready to be Unapologetically You?


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