Soulfire Woman Power

Sacred Feminine Power for the Modern Woman

Tapping Into Your Sacred Feminine Power Means Honoring and Valuing Your Authentic Self. But What is Sacred Feminine Power? We’re women. That implies feminine. Okay, good there. So how do Sacred and Power anchor our core Feminine selves?  Being Sacred and Powerful is...

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Vision Board Miracle

Hello Goddesses! Here at Soulfire Woman, we started off the New Year by creating a Vision Board first participating in a beautiful mediation created to open up your hearts and allow our visions to enter freely. That was a couple of days ago. When I got up this...

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Coincidence? I Think Not.

Dear Holy Goddesses, I’m a person who makes decisions intuitively, meaning I check in and sense answers through my body’s wisdom.  Then I confirm my path with synchronicities, you know, those meaningful coincidences that let you know you are in the flow and headed in...

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