A few weeks ago I met with a young woman who came in for an Inner Wisdom session wanting help for something specific. After beginning our work together, she abruptly shifted direction.  This often happens, what we think we need is not really why we show up for things whether it’s psychotherapy, coaching or even yoga.  There’s something else at play here.  It’s Inner Wisdom, that still small voice coming through, not always an actual voice, although it can be, or a clear thought or even part of our immediate consciousness. More likely it’s a feeling, an idea, a knowing, or a body sense shifting us in a way that we know beyond a doubt is right.

She expressed surprise at herself not completely aware exactly why she shifted. I suspect she felt safe, supported and calm, all conditions for inner wisdom to emerge, to come through, be felt or heard. We continued on, me being present, showing up for her in the most loving way, giving her space to be truly seen, using my own intuition for what was needed.  Then it happened. I could visibly see the aha moment, the exact healing moment when everything changed for her. I am in awe and so humbled by these moments.  Her whole body posture changed. She lit up, seriously glowing. What came out of her mouth was so pure it stilled my heart. She sat in amazement and said, “My heart just healed.” All this time that she’d been stuck, she said, others had been trying to heal her head, and it was her heart that needed healing all along.

The heart heals

What happened next, as I witnessed it, is that her Truth and Personal Power came rushing into her body, spilling out and over like a waterfall of energy, creation, intention and direction.  Previously emotionally blocked from her greatness, she now had an instant plan going forward. Inner wisdom and healing at its best.

We know we are tapping into our inner wisdom when our bodies release their tight grip and relax into a place of calmness, literally peace of mind, into a realization that everything is going to be all right even if it’s just for that moment. We sense energy shifting, our breath changing and forward motion happening. We are momentarily flowing. The more this happens, the more validation we receive, the more we recognize the truth of it, believe in it. We rely on our growing wisdom instead of relying on our heads for answers where we can easily rationalize. We begin to crave more of it and want to live from this place of deepening awareness, of being in tune with the present and heart-felt sense.

Think of inner wisdom as a benevolent, loving, kind force always working on our behalf


Freed from our stagnation, blocks to our flow, we start to live from our Truth, a place of clarity and wisdom.  When we get really good at listening to that inner voice, we tap into a higher consciousness and knowing, like we are being guided from somewhere beyond our selves. For some people that’s Intuition, God, Goddess or a Universal Field of energy of complete knowing.

Why don’t we just do this all of the time?  What keeps us stuck, unable to hear that voice of inner wisdom?  Being in our heads more than our hearts. Hearing the voice of our inner critics instead of our inner wisdom. Listening to what others think we should or shouldn’t be doing, or where we should or ought to be right now in our lives whether we’re 20…30…40…or even 60 and beyond! We get stuck emotionally from past hurts, trauma, grief. We listen to fear and our egos much more than our inner wisdom, unable to discern between the two. We all do this.

Life happens. That’s the holey path to holy living. Think of the holey parts as opportunities to become more aware, to heal and grow, not just as obstacles to overcome.  The beauty of inner wisdom is it’s available to everyone. Sometimes we just need a little help along the way, we may need emotional or physical healing like this young woman, we may need access to the right tools, or someone who can help us see clearly for it all to happen. When we connect with our authentic selves, our Sacred Feminine Power, with who we truly are unencumbered by blocks of any sort, it’s like waving a magic wand. Well, our wishes may not be instantly granted.

But then again, they just might!

Are you listening to that still small voice within?  She’s whispering, waiting for you to hear….

Start practicing inner wisdom today by listening to your body’s voice with this body scan exercise. Your body always tells the truth.

Are you ready to connect with the deepest, wisest, part of yourself, your Soulfire Woman?

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