A Lesson I Learned A Long Time Ago

Just Because You CAN Doesn’t Mean You SHOULD

Stop “shoulding” on yourself, as they say.
I happen to be very good at facilitating meetings and getting things done. That turned into me being asked to chair A LOT of committees, hold A LOT of meetings and work on A LOT of details.
The Universe rewarded me with a job doing all of these things.
There was a problem though.
I hated meetings. Strong word, I know. And working out little details only frustrated me.
While it was really good experience, and I honed my people skills, I was not ALIGNED with what I was saying yes to. I was aligned with the masculine way of moving and being in the world. The masculine way of success.
I became dissatisfied with the direction of my life. My HEART and SOUL yearned for something more.
Saying yes when I was asked to take on these projects felt good. I was flattered.
Why was I so unhappy then?
I realized it was my EGO saying yes, not my HEART. My ego took the steering wheel, wanting to get those appreciation points and move up the success ladder. Besides, who was going to do it if I didn’t?
Aligning with my HEART took some time and commitment. I overcame the fear of not doing it right. I learned to tune in and listen. I learned to follow my intuition, even if it didn’t seem like the right road to success.
Most importantly, I learned to say NO to my ego. That just because I could do something well didn’t mean I should automatically do it.
And then I learned to say YES only when it was a full body YES. When I could feel it in all my bones.
I learned I wasn’t the only one who could take the lead. When I stepped back, others were perfectly fine stepping in.
Now I have the wisdom of knowing when my heart and soul are working together, magic happens.
What are you agreeing to that doesn’t align with your HEART and SOUL?
Is magic happening in your life?
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