Lesson #6: Follow Your Hunches

Remembering Why I Trust My Intuition

Penelope and Me: Lessons I Learn (About Intuition) Walking My Dog at the Beach 

Lesson #6:  Follow Your Hunches

Penelope smiles. She also talks and gives me The Elvis, one lip jacked up.  I’m not exactly sure what The Elvis means.   Sometimes it looks like, Huh? Or, What are we doing here? Other times it feels like judgment, a bad decision on my part as far as she is concerned. 

Today we are walking back from the beach and through the streets of our neighborhood. Two adult males walk toward us, one several steps in front of the other. The guy behind slides his leg across the macadam dragging it up to meet the other leg.  He holds his body stiffly as his feet slap against the road.  The one in front seems to be the caretaker of the guy slowly coming up behind him.

As Penelope and I pass to the left, I see the guy’s body stiffen even more, only his eyes moving to the right sizing us up as we go by.  I feel it necessary to reassure him Penelope won’t bother or hurt him.  She’s friendly I shout out.  It’s fleeting, but I feel like I sense a smile. We keep walking another 10 feet or so.

I’m not sure if I hesitated or Penelope hesitated, but my intuition was telling me to stop. We both stop. She looks back at the guys. I look back. She looks up at me and yup, she smiles.  I know girl, I say. I turn around and shout, “Would you like to pet her?” The guy asks his companion if he would like to pet the dog. I see his head nodding yes.

Like she already knew the answer, Penelope turns right back around and trots up to the guy lovingly looking up at him, inviting him in for a pet.   His face lights up as he bends over and not so gently pats her on the head. He then stands up, smiles and continues his walk.

Penelope and I give each other a visual high five. We both seem to know we’ve done something kind.

What’s that girl? Right, right, I hear you.  Always follow your hunches!

Do you listen to your intuition? What happens when you do? (Let me know in the comments, or on Instagram!)





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