Lesson #8: It’s All About Family

​Penelope and Me: Lessons I Learn Walking My Dog at the Beach

OK, so Penelope doesn’t always get a walk on the beach.  My Guy’s mom went into the hospital a few weeks ago, and we needed to make a quick trip to see her.  Penelope went to the kennel for the weekend. This is the one place my super chill dog does not agree to easily.  As soon as we go through the door, Sweet P shakes uncontrollably.  She pushes her paws into the floor resisting any forward movement. She’s been known to slip her collar.  To get her into the crate, I have to walk with her. She continuously looks back at me with sad, anxious eyes, already missing her family.  I tell the vet techs it’s worse than dropping your kid off at daycare.  My daughter used to plaster her face and hands against the daycare window crying, beseeching me not to leave.  I feel the same way today.  A mother’s guilt all over again.

The hospital stay is longer than we anticipate. We return home to rescue Penelope and decide she will just have to go with us. We make reservations at a hotel that allows dogs and return the next day. Off we go unsure how this is going to work out – for her or us.

Arriving, Penelope hops out of the car, stands with us as the automatic doors open, and prances right into the hotel like it’s a second home. She walks onto the elevator with no hesitation like she’s done this her whole life. As the elevator lurches upward, she turns her ear toward the floor curious about the sound and the movement. The doors open. She walks off and strolls down the hallway to our room, happy and as content as can be.  She’s with her chosen family, nothing else matters to her in this moment.

We leave for a little while. Sweet P nearly does back flips when we return and open the door. Joy overtakes her at the sight of us. I’m overcome in the moment with gratefulness for the way she loves us, her adopted family. As long as she’s with us,  she’s complete; she trusts all is right with the world; she needs nothing else.

Here’s a girl who reminds me every day what matters most.

Love and Family.

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Dyanne Kelley

Dyanne Kelley

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