I spent a good part of my life in survival mode. Survival from childhood trauma. Survival from divorce. I was in fear and anxiety most of the time.

I didn’t even know I could have a better life. I just wanted one without drama and fear. I stayed in that place a long time, afraid to rock the boat in any way. Afraid to ask for anything more. Riddled with self-doubt. I thought it could all disappear in a hot second, and I would be plunged into despair again.

Living that way was all I knew. It was what was most familiar to me and what felt normal.

As I started to heal, and as those fears subsided, I began stepping into my own SELF-WORTH. I started speaking up and observed others acknowledging I had something of value to say. My CONFIDENCE grew. My self-worth grew with it.

Are you owning your self worth?

Think about this. Every time we are in self- judgment or let that voice inside our heads get the better of us, we are chipping away at our confidence and sense of self, which, BTW, I literally just did myself.

I berated myself for eating coffee cake for breakfast. Normally it’s my Sunday treat, which I skipped this week and had today. You would think I would just enjoy it. No, of course not, I had to give myself a talking too about my less than stellar choices.

We probably do this do ourselves 50 times a day for one reason or another. I “should” have exercised. Did I just really say that? Why didn’t I say anything? Oh no, I ate too much again. There I go beating myself up again. Why am I holding myself back? What am I waiting for? Am I good enough?  Was I as perfect as I could be?

Every time we silence ourselves or deliberately withhold our voices to keep the peace, for example, we are chipping away at our feelings of self-worth.

Every time we default and say, I don’t know, we are taking tiny chips away from feeling our own feminine power.

Sure, we may be taking initial pride in not creating waves and being known as a gracious, good, kind, person. In the long run, though, we begin to feel less than or like our opinions don’t matter. We are subtracting from our self-worth, not adding to it.

Maybe you’ve had similar experiences and can feel what I’m talking about.

On the Feminine Path to SoulFULL Empowerment, the Soulfire Woman’s Way, these are the tethers that need snipping. Lol, I just had the image of a hot air balloon pop into my mind, with the ropes being loosened for lift-off and the fire ignited.

How about trying this: For every self-criticism or judgment, you give yourself five compliments or messages of encouragement. Maybe create a mantra of compliments so that you have them ready. Let us know if you feel any shifts from within. I think you will.

Are you ready to lift-off and Ignite your Soulfire?

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